#wirsindmehr – Color Chemnitz

MR.SNOW is shocked by the recent events in Chemnitz and we sorrow with the relatives of the dead men. We disapprove all forms of violence – against foreigners as well as against natives and also animals. Colorful flowers and green meadows should grow up from brown soil. Only this makes our beautiful country so adorable. Only this let us be so connected to our home.

Chemnitz has by the way many colorful plants: There are 90 nations living, studying and teaching at the campus. With an international student share of 25%, the -> TU Chemnitz ranks nationwide at the top. In the Theaters Chemnitz, the proportion of international actors is sometimes greater than 50%. And the -> Municipal Art Collection Chemnitz are unparalleled.

We at MR.SNOW work daily with friends and business partners all over the world – on all five continents, with all religions and non-religions, with Muslims, Jews and Christians (https://mr-snow.de/htdocs/en/ mr-snow-references-toboggan ramp-2 /).

We stand up for a peaceful Chemnitz and a cosmopolitan cooperation all over Saxony.


PS: By the way, it seems to be absurde and a double disgrace for the dead man that the brown demonstrators mourn a German with Cuban roots.

Get up, stand up! #wirsindmehr